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West Sussex Record Office

More information about West Sussex

Church of the Latter Day Saints - Genealogy/IGI site

Cyndi's List - a wealth of genealogy related sites

Bosham and Sussex

Family Homepages

Oxford Ancestors - genetics and genealogy

UK Surnames web site


Sussex in Bygone Days

Kellys Directory 1867

Simon Kearvell - Somerset - ‘Storm’ -  Rocking Live Music

Archive Audio Recordings

Listen to West Sussex People

talking of  their lives, work etc.

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Family History South Australia

Bosham Community Website
Paul David Kearvell - Sydney - VisuaArtistl
Ann Kearvell - Kent - Breeder of Maine Coon Cats

Sarah Kearvell - South Australia - ‘Eklectic Storm’ - Acoustic Rock/Pop

John Kearvell - N E England - Filmmaker - Burnt Films

West Sussex Villages

Craig Kearvell - Stratford NZ - Master Concrete Placers Association