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+ The earliest entry we have for Francis Kervil (died 1715 but place and date of birth unknown ) is at the small village of Chidham just across the creek from Bosham. In February 1687 Francis married Mary WILES (?- 1692). Until recently it was believed that the marriage was childless but the following reference in the Bishop's Transcripts of Bosham burial records


4 May 1690 Henry KERVILL son of Francis alias GRILL


indicates that there was at least a son of the marriage who died in infancy.


Interestingly it is the only recorded entry that indicates the use of an alias by Francis. An alias was not that unusual at this time of religious and political unrest.


+ Mary died in 1692 after five years of marriage and was buried at Bosham on 16 December


+ A year later on 16 December 1693 Francis (surname recorded as KERVILL) married 22 year old Elizabeth CUPIN (1671-1707), the youngest daughter of Stephen and Rose CUPIN from Bosham


+ A son, Francis is the first born in April 1695 from their marriage and their only child known to survive into adulthood. Elizabeth died in April 1707 just after the birth of a son, Thomas, who himself only survived into his eighth month


+ There is no known record of Francis KERVIL marrying for a third time. Who would have helped raise his son Francis, aged 12 years at the time of his mother's death, and possibly a daughter Elizabeth, aged 6 years (if still alive - no burial or marriage record found for her)?

Well, his wife Elizabeth had two older sisters and maybe they helped in this task.

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Life expectancy 36 years

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