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Further Photos from New Zealand

Valerie Wilson (nee Cosgrove) 2nd wife of Reginald George Kearvell (1931-1978)  alias Wilson, pictured at her granddaughter Penelope’s wedding in Christchurch New Zealand in March 2007 with her three daughters ( l to r ) Lesley, Sherron and Yolyn

Valerie’s 10 grandchildren at the family wedding.

Back (l to r) Thomas, Luke, Tanya, Chelsea, Royce

Front (l to r) Penelope. Kate, Shannon, Kyla, Hilary

Sherron and Alan Harrison’s daughter Penelope’s marriage to Andrew Knight. Also pictured are Penelope’s brother, Thomas, and her sister, Kyla, with her husband James Walklin

Yolyn and her husband Roger Goldschmidt with their five children. Chelsea, (back right), Kate, Hilary, Royce and Luke (l to r front row). The family live in

California USA

Lesley, mother of Shannon and Tanya, with her 2nd husband Gary Mehrtens