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Funtington Family

Frederick Florence Kearvell 1880-1946 born Funtington West Sussex, a Builder, and his wife, Edith Kinshott 1877-1951 married 1904 at Aldingbourne Sussex pictured with their two daughters, Laura Kate 1907-1987 (on left) and Olive 1906-1941 (on right).  Frederick and Edith also had two sons, Archibald and Victor. Standing next to Frederick is Olive’s husband Harry Savage 1906-1973

Photographed in Bognor in 1932.

Olive Kearvell with her best friend Catherine May “Kitty” Waller.

Olive married Harry Savage in 1930 at Funtington Parish Church and they had three daughters and one son.

Sadly in 1941 Olive died of Diptheria along with her 4 year old daughter Jean.

In 1950 “Kitty” Waller married Olive’s oldest brother, Archibald.

Frederick and Edith pictured with their two daughters, Olive and Laura together with William Frederick “Fred” Prior husband of Laura. Laura and “Fred” married in 1932 and moved to West Tisted, Hampshire where they lived and ran the Post Office (pictured below) until 1954. They had three sons. (pictured below right with Laura in 1940s)