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7 Feb

Congratulations and best wishes for a happy future together to Ashley James Kearvell and his  wife, Melinda Ann McMahon. They were married on 5th February at Bridge Watermill, Petaluma, Adelaide, South Australia.

28 Mar

Congratulations to Sharon Oliver (nee Kearvell) and her husband, Simon on the birth of their second child, Kate Elizabeth Ann, on 26 March 2011 in Australia. Sharon is a daughter of Robert and Sue Kearvell from Adelaide, South Australia.

5 May

I have received the very sad news that Florie (“Flora”) Marie Kearvell (nee Gelven), the widow of Howard Kearvell (1915-1994) , has passed away at  the Helping Hand Aged Care Facility, Mawson Lakes, South Australia on the 19 April 2011. Flora was aged 95 years. Our heartfelt condolences are offered to Marie, their daughter, at this time of deep sorrow.

Flora served in the Australian Women’s Land Army during WWII and her recollections of that time can be heard on an Australian War Memorial audio recording  in the ‘Family Articles - Flora Kearvell’ section of our Family Website.


15 Jun

I have received the sad news of the death of Beryl Bronwen Kearvell (nee Mann) on 11 June 2011 in Oxfordshire, England. She was the the wife of Peter John Kearvell from Headington, Oxford. Our sincere condolences are offered to Peter and his family at this sad time.

26 Aug

Congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy future together to Catherine Millard, daughter of Rosemary Kearvell and Michael Millard, and her husband Alexis Brooks. They were married at Lains Barn, near Wantage Oxfordshire England.

28 Sep

Congratulations to Hamish Kearvell and his partner, Emily Jade, on the birth of their first child. Mia Lillian Kearvell was born yesterday at the Women’s and Children Hospital, Adelaide, South Australia. Hamish is the son of Brenton and Anne Kearvell.

27 Oct

Belated news and congratulations to Justin Redford and his wife (nee) Julie Kearvell on the birth of their first children, twins Harry John and Samuel George born 4 May 2011 in Sussex.

24 Nov

Congratulations to Mary Voyle (nee Kearvell) and her husband, Albert from Cambridge, New Zealand who on 20 November celebrated their 63rd Wedding Anniversary. Albert also recently celebrated his 92nd Birthday. Mary is one of the earliest family historians who helped to establish the link to Bosham, Sussex, England.  The couple were recently the subject of a Fairfax Media Retirement Article and I hope to reproduce this article soon in full on our Family Website. Interestingly their advice to others is “ keeping occupied, taking an interest in what’s going on in your community and looking after each other”.


3 Dec

Congratulations to Kerry Kearvell and her husband Nick Bunton on the birth of their son Riley William on 2 December 2011 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. England.

14 Dec

Congratulations to Paul Kearvell and his wife, Angela, on the birth of their first child Blake Leslie Kearvell on 12th December at Sydney, NSW,  Australia. Paul is originally from Strathalbyn, South Australia but now lives in Sydney.

30 Dec

Belated congratulations to Tammy-Lee Kearvell and her partner, Tony Craddock, on the birth of their son, Tyler, in October at Adelaide, South Australia. Tyler was born early and spent the first few weeks of his life in Hospital but is now doing well and safely home.