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7 Mar

Family News - Death of Jean Mary Mackenzie Kearvell 1927-2011 in Kent England on 1 Oct 2011.

1 Apr

Family News - Birth of Sophia June Kearvell in Doha, Qatar

11 Apr

Family News - Birth of D’arcy May Kearvell in Adelaide, South Australia

12 Apr

Family News - Marriage of Julie Kearvell and Stuart Jeffery in Adelaide

13 Apr

Family News - Death of Florence Kearvell, nee Giles, in Oxford, England

28 Sept

Family Articles - Update of Ellen K and The Major

                       -  Flora Kearvell Recordings

 1 Oct

Family Articles - Update of an Older Gentleman and a Young Girl

                       - Update of Power of the Pen

                       - Update of Australian Emigrants

25 Nov

Family News - Birth of Freya Holly in Preston, Lancashire

26 Nov

Family News - Birth of Mea Lani Davies