A great great granddaughter

marries in Canada

Lisa Kearvell married Glen Humphrey

in Canada June 2000

Lisa's 2nd great grandparents

Alfred George Kearvell 1865-1952

and Sarah Jane Holloway 1867-1948

pictured at Christmas 1917. Alfred was a bricklayer in early years but later ran an Apartments

Letting Agency in

Upper Tooting London

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Lisa's 2nd great grandparents pictured again in 1937 in the cottage garden next to their house in Hambledon Hampshire. (Hambledon is known as 'The Home of Cricket'). Also pictured in the photograph are Lisa's great grandparents Edward Alfred George Kearvell (1895-1970) and Sophie Elsie Mackenzie (1889-1951) with their daughter, Jean. Their other child, Peter, is behind the camera lens!

Edward served in the Royal Navy from 1913-1946. He joined underage by giving an incorrect birthdate! He was awarded an M.B.E. at the end of his service. One of his many postings was to HMS Argus, the Royal Navy's First Aircraft Carrier. He entertained his family by sending them photographs of the many 'prangs' of the aircraft on attempted landings.

Sophie had also served in the Royal Navy as a Nursing Sister and during WW1 was serving on HMHS Garth Castle in the Mediterranean.

Keeping military service in the family their son, Peter, was to serve in the Royal Air Force during WW2 before becoming an airline pilot.

Emma Rose born August 2007 in Lachine, Quebec, first child of Glen and Lisa