First Australian Emigrants

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Edward 1854-1934 born Bosham

Sussex England

emigrated about 1892 with his wife

Alice Collins 1857-1933, born Funtington Sussex England,

(on right) and large family to live in Adelaide.

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Four of their eight daughters are pictured below

Adelaide Ruby 1893-1932, born Magill South Australia first child born

in Australia, pictured at her marriage to Albert Joseph Dangerfield 1894-1974 on 4 September 1918  at Adelaide

Elsie Jane 1896-1968 born Kensington Park South Australia

Married Edwin Reuben Dangerfield 1896-1989 on 10 September 1924 at Adelaide

Eldest daughter,

Ada Eliza Grace

1884-1938 born

West Ashling, Sussex England Married Alfred Leopold Hawkes

1883-1958 at

Norwood South Australia on 22 January 1908

Youngest daughter,

Gladys 1899-1970 born North Kensington South Australia

Married James Philip Sheridan 1900-1977 at Adelaide on 10 March 1923

Left, Edward and Alice’s Headstone

Far Left, Edward and Alice’s Grave at Kensington, South Australia