Mary Huckin 1854-1934 born West Wittering, Sussex

Wife of Thomas Kearvell of Bosham, with four of their  eight children and a grandson, Robert William 1922-2002

l to r. Winifred 1897-Unk

William 1890-1976

John 1889-1969

Lillian 1888-1954


It was unmarried Lillian who was largely responsible for the upbringing of Robert William following the early death of his mother, Daisy Kate  

William Kearvell 1890-1976

and Daisy Kate Foster

1899-1922 on their wedding day at Funtington Sussex in 1919. Daisy died shortly after the birth of their 2nd child, Robert William.


Thomas Kearvell 1856-1935

Born at Bosham and followed his father, Edward, as a Carpenter

Connections - Sussex to .....

John Kearvell 1889-1969, born at Bosham

a Farm Carter, with his wifeEdith Puttock 1896-1960 born at Cowfold, Sussex and two eldest children,

Albert John 1899-1922 and Ralph 1919 - 1993

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William, a Farm Worker, at work on Bosham Hoe in 1937