William and Daisy's two children:

Robert William 1922-2002 with his wife, Irene Hall 1922-1998 and, to the right, Edna May 1920-1973

Robert William with his three sons and a grandson Scott

l to r. Brian 1965- Kenneth 1945- and Alan 1954-

Tyneside Wedding 2000

Kenneth's eldest daughter, Carina, with husband, Paul Martin,

and her two sisters Lucy and Julie


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...the North-East

Irene Barnes (nee Kearvell) born 1949-  South Shields

Only daughter of Robert William and Irene Kearvell with her two sons pictured either side

Robert b 1971

Mark b 1978

Edna May 1920-1973

Married to Thomas Henry Knight 1910-1993 in 1938 and had three children

Kathleen, Margaret and Frederick