William George Kearvell 1862-1941

born in Bosham, a Baker by trade pictured with 2nd wife Matilda Gunner - nurse to his 1st wife Clara Smith who died 1902

Edward George Kearvell

1899-1980, born Yewhurst, Surrey youngest of the two sons of William George and Clara.

Wife, Edith Payne

1896-1974 ( inset)

They had met in 1927 at the wedding of Edward's youngest sister, Elsie, and Edith's brother, Robert

Ronald William Kearvell born Midhurst Sussex

1932- (on right)

son of Edward George

and Edith, pictured at

St Luke's Hospital in


Elsie Winifred Kearvell 1900-1981 youngest of the seven daughters of William George and Clara pictured at 21 years

(far left) Elsie and her step-mother Matilda Gunner

A Baker's dozen or so

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William married his 1st wife, Clara Smith 1866-1902, in 1885. He had been a lodger at her parent’s house. He plied his bakery trade at several places including Westbourne, Sussex Burstow, Surrey and Hailsham, Sussex.