Chichester Kearvells

Kate Simmonds (middle left) 1852-1938 wife of Frederick Kearvell 1852-1915, a Carpenter/Joiner and one of the West Stoke Kearvell family. Her 2nd daughter, Lucy Florence 1884-1947 (centre back). Her eldest son, Frederick Florance 1878-1957 (front) and his wife Adeline Ralph 1882-1947 (centre right) Kate's twin grandsons (back) Frederick Francis 1909- 1995 and Ronald William 1909- 1986 - sons of Frederick and Adeline - with (possibly) their future wives Betty Heasman and Aileen Weir. Kate's grandaughter, Adeline Florence 1907-Unk is to the right of her father. The boy (front left) is unknown

Ethel Florence Kearvell 1885-Unk 3rd daughter of Frederick Kearvell and Kate Simmonds pictured with husband Horace Evans 1885-Unk , a Grocer. At the time of her marriage in 1909 Ethel was employed as a Drapers Assistant and was living at 23 St Pauls Road, Chichester.


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