Five Generations have now become Six

John Kearvell


Born at Bosham

Shipwright Journeyman

Henry John Kearvell


Born at Bosham

Royal Engineer (pre WW1 and during WW1) and Carpenter

David John Kearvell


Born at Wantage

William John Kearvell


Born at Wantage Berks (now Oxon)

Royal Artillery WWII

Legal Executive

Michael John Kearvell


Born at Wantage

Author of the Family Homepage

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Oliver Michael Kearvell

Born 30 October 2002 at Oxford, son of David and Catherine Kearvell

All of Henry John’s male ancestral line were born at Bosham. Joined Army as a boy soldier. When he left the Army in 1911 he moved to Wantage, Berkshire to work at a nearby military depot. He met and married Alice Wilkins a local Wantage girl.