The Kervil Family Coat of Arms

Motto " Sola virtus triumphat"

The Kervil surname is a Norman name and there are recorded Kervil/Kervylles who supported William the Conqueror in 1066 when he invaded England. They were rewarded for their support with land and estates in East Anglia, Northern England and the Border Counties with Scotland.. However there is yet no known traceable connection between these early Kervils and our earliest known ancestor in 1693, Francis Kervil. We have no known claim to a 'Coat of Arms'.  For more information about the Kervil family name see Family Article " The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname Kervil"

The last known of the Kerviles in Norfolk was Sir Henry Kervile from  Wiggenhall St. Mary who died  in 1624, without his issue reaching adulthood,. The Battle Abbey Rolls inform that on his death the estates of the Kerviles came to the Cobbs of Sandringham.. Earlier in 1620

Sir Henry had been accused by Sir Christopher Heydon of being a bigoted Papist holding Papist meetings at his house.     His papers were seized but soon released. The now redundant Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin at Wiggenhall is well worth a visit and has a number of Kervile memorials, including the fine monument to Henry and his wife.


St Mary the Virgin at Wiggenhall

One of the Kervil/Kervylle families rewarded with land for their support to William the Conqueror was at Wiggenhall St Mary, Norfolk

Henry Kervile's Monument

in the South Chapel

Kervile Family Pew bearing their Coat of Arms

Henry Kervile's

Coat of Arms on

his Monument


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