A Family's War Service

John Kearvell (1889-1969) born Bosham, a Farm Carter,  and his wife Edith Puttock (1896-1960)  born Cowfold Sussex

Eldest son Albert John "Bert" (1917-1974) who served in the Home Guard during WW2

John also served during WW2. He is pictured here in his HomeGuard uniform with his dog Rex

In happier, post-war days Grandad John relaxes in the company of Ralph's two children Ian (1954- ) and Janet (1957 - )

Youngest son, Ralph “Bill” (1919-1993) on the right, pictured during WW2 with a pal from the Royal Navy. Ralph served on a number of ships and was "mentioned in despatches" in 1940 when serving on the destroyer HMS Worcester during the Dunkirk evacuation. Ralph remained in the Royal Navy until 1953 and reached Chief Petty Officer rank

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