Cousins Meet 2004

A cricket club tour to Sydney gave me (Mike Kearvell) and my wife Claudine (in the dark glasses) the chance to meet up for the first time with my 3rd cousin Daryl Kearvell who is originally from Adelaide. We are 3rd cousins as our great grandfathers were brothers from Bosham Sussex England. The photo was taken during a day of splendid hospitality by Daryl and his partner Janine as we got to find out our "Kearvell" similarities!


Incidentally for those interested in the cricket:

England (in the shape of Minster Lovell CC) 0 Australia 6

The weather - yes rain! 1

One of the more unusual sights on our trip was to come across a submarine, HMAS Otway, at Holbrook NSW a place some miles from the sea. The township had adopted the craft and when it was decommissioned from Service it was uplifted from the sea and set down in Holbrook.


Coincidentally Daryl was a former Submariner in the Australian Navy and HMAS Otway was his final boat.

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