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to date we have photos

of 282 family members.


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Our oldest family member on photo - Eliza born 1814

Sussex Life - vegetables for Portsmouth Market in 1911

Connections 1) - Thomas 1856-1935 and family

Connections 2) - William 1890-1976 and family

Down Under 1) - Edward Albert 1936-1995 and family South Australia

Down Under 2) - William George 1881-1947 and son Edward 1912-1983

A Baker's dozen 1) - William George 1862-1941 and family

A Baker's dozen 2) - William Richard 1887-1956 and family

A gg grandaughter marries in Canada - Alfred George 1865-1952

Chichester Kearvells - Family of Frederick 1852-1915

Five Generations have now become Six - John 1859-1908 and family

Boer War claims life of 'Harry' - Frederick James 1876-1900

From Sussex to New Zealand - Annie Caroline 1893-1971 and family

More photos from New Zealand - Family of Reginald 1931-1978

Kervil family coat of arms and Kervile Parish Church in Norfolk

Middlesex Marriage - Frederick Walter 1928- and family

Bosham in early 20th Century Photographs

Buckinghamshire Smiles - Robin John 1941- and family

Ern in his boat - Ernest Ede 1921- and his parents Ernest Arthur 1886-1969 and Alice 1901-1992

Early Family Emigrants to Canada - Charles 1888-1971 and Henry James 1890-1928

Birdham Miller - Emma 1852-1931 and husband

Family History "Founding Father" - Gordon William 1933 - and family

A Darling Daughter and Proud Poppa - Samara Mary and family

A Family's War Service - John 1889-1969 and family

A Proud Nana - Anthony 2003- and family

Four Generations in Adelaide - Albert Edward 1924-2004 and family

Cousins Meet 2004 - Daryl 1955-

Josh and Holly's Wedding Day - Joshua David 1981-

Worldwide Double Acts - Nicholas (1983- ) and Daniel (1980) Kearvell

Brian George Kearvell 1935-2005, his wife Shirley and a grandson Ashley

William David Kearvell - lost his life during WW1

First Australian Emigrants - Edward K 1854-1934 and Alice Collins and some family members

Patrick John Kearvell (1919-2000) and close relatives

George William Wesley Kearvell (1893-1966) , Father and Step-siblings

Leisure time on the creek - Robert John George Kearvell (1952- )

Three Generations - John Hoad Kearvell (1920- )

Leslie Kearvell 1901-1985 and Florence Jones 1903-1992 New Zealand Marriage 1925

Augustus Hare wrote in his book on Sussex in 1894 "Sussex has many advantages but its greatest admirers will not claim that the population is endowed with good looks. The people of Bosham, however, are remarkably handsome. It has a well-to-do fishing population of evident foreign extraction who stand aloof from their neighbours, seldom marry out of the place and keep their good looks to themselves."

Photos with information

Cousins Meet 2007 - members of the family met on our trip to Australia/New Zealand

Further photos from New Zealand - 2nd Family of Reginald 1931-1978

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Funtington Family - Frederick Florence Kearvell 1880-1946

New Zealand 60th Wedding Anniversary - Mary Kearvell (1926-  )

New Zealand Wedding 1949 and Golden Wedding Celebrations