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The motto on the Coat of Arms is ‘Sola virtus triumphat’.


(Taking a deep breath and trying to remember my schoolboy Latin lessons I would translate it as )


‘Virtue alone triumphs’


Research has determined the Coat of Arms ( shown above) to be the most ancient recorded for the family name Kervil.


© Copyright 1994, The Hall of Names Inc.


The following wording and Coat of Arms above is taken from The Hall of Names Scroll depicting the family name Kervil. Hall of Names is an American company and the final paragraphs contain references to people that I do not believe have any connection to our particular Family Tree.


The other information contained in the Scroll is fascinating and I hope you find it interesting. In particular the connection between Normandy, the land of the north men, and the Vikings. I believe that our family name points to a likely connection with north or north western France. In our particular branch however, unless we can trace back past the origins of Francis Kervil, our oldest known ancestor, we will be unable to make any such connection.


Hall of Names Scroll wording


The ancient chronicles of England reveal the early records of the name Kervil as a Norman surname which ranks as one of the oldest. The history of the name is closely interwoven within the majestic tapestry as an intrinsic part of the history of Britain.


The Ancient History of the Distinguished Surname Kervil