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Kearvell used as a Christian Name

While doing research into the Family name it has been interesting to come across several examples of Kearvell being used as a christian name.


I know that our Tree's founding father, Gordon Kearvell from Slough, has a grandson Ashley who has been given the name Kearvell as a third christian name. I guess as Ashley grows up he might question the choice of name until he learns about our unique Family name and the superb original work done by his grandfather in compiling the first tree. Gordon's children are both daughters and it seems a very fitting tribute to enable the name to live on in that branch of the family.


Another example is with the family of Eliza Kearvell (1848-1925), one of a West Stoke family said to be of fifteen children, although records for fourteen only have been found. Eliza married Thomas Read, a Gardener, and for much of their married life they lived at Slinfold Lodge where they were both in service. One of their children was Bertha (1882-1976) who eventually married a Boot Repairer, Athur Kine from Havant and, by coincidence, moved back to Slinfold when a business opportunity became available. Arthur and Bertha had two children, a girl Pansy and a boy named Kearvell after his grandmother. I have spoken with Pansy and Kearvell and they both are fiercely loyal to the Kearvell name. Indeed Pansy is a great source of information about the West Stoke Kearvells as she knew many of them quite well when she was a young girl. As an aside from the family name, Pansy has written a booklet about her mother's life and poetry which gives an insight into village life in Slinfold in the first half of the 20th century and it is a joy to read. The booklet is no longer in print but if anyone would like to loan my copy please let me know. Also, interestingly, Pansy still has two of the wooden childs' stools made by her Great Grandfather George Florence Kearvell, a Carpenter, about 150 years ago. He had at least fourteen children and probably made quite a number of these stools!


The third example I know of concerns the family of Emily Kearvell (1802-1873), the eldest daughter of George Kervell (1775- 1855) and Sarah Florence (1779-1855), who was born in East Marden Sussex. Emily became the second wife of Robert Brickell Colbourne, a Gardener, in 1824 and named one of her sons, George Kervell Colbourne after his grandfather. This George subsequently served in the Royal Navy and had several children one of whom, born when the family were stationed in Malta, was also named George Kervell Colbourne.


A fourth example can be found in the 20th century in the Evershed family. Margaret Kearvell Evershed (1912-1995) was one of the children of Henry Evershed (1878-1941) and Ellen Florence Gander (1885-1961). Ellen Gander was the daughter of Albert Gander (1852-Unk) and Caroline Harriett Kearvell (1850- 1893) another of the family of West Stoke, Sussex Kearvells. Another example of Grannie Kearvell in a family being remembered.


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