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The Victorian Census Returns covering 1841-1891 make interesting reading. In the second half of the 19th century the family numbers were beginning to grow quite quickly with the geographical area beginning to expand away from West Sussex.


As you might expect, early entries are almost exclusively in and around Bosham. The most common occupation being that of Carpenter or Wheelright. It is interesting to see during successive Census Returns how the standing of many of the tradesmen grew into Master Carpenters or Wheelrights employing several men or apprentices/labourers.


By the 1881 Census other trades are regularly seen including Bricklayers, Gardeners and even a Shoemaker. But the dominating trade still is that of Carpentry, Joinery and  Wheelwight. The young boys are often shown as Farm Boys or Agricultural Labourers whilst the young girls are mostly in Domestic Service.



Victorian Census Returns give an insight into the occupations of our ancestors

Wheelwright's Tools

If we project ourselves on another 100 years to the time of the release of the 2001 Census Return, what occupations will we see in the family? Gone will be many of the tradesmen and in their places the vast array of Service Industry jobs.


I like to think however that there will still be members of the family working with their hands and wood ................for it must be in our genes!!

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