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The first Kearvells to emigrate to Australia are believed to be Edward and Alice Kearvell from Bosham . They left in about 1892 with eight(?) children to start a new life in Adelaide South Australia. A further three children are known to have been born in Australia. (Newspaper reports indicate they had 12 children - but records only found for 11)


Their children were Edward James, John Cornelius, William George, Ada Eliza Grace, Caroline Annie, Alice Mary (died in infancy), Emily Helen, Beatrix Charlotte, Gladys, Adelaide Ruby, Elsie Jane and one unknown(?).


Edward was a Bricklayer and gained a reputation in Adelaide for his workmanship

and good health. A 1927 Adelaide "The News" newspaper article gives a fascinating

insight into Edward’s life. He was injured in a Road Traffic Accident on his way to

work and the local news reporter, sent to his home the following day to interview him,

was too late. Edward, aged 73, had shrugged off his injuries and gone back to work!

At the time he was engaged in cutting archways at the new hospital site at Yatala South.


The reporter therefore stopped and interviewed Alice. She told him how they had

emigrated with their eight children from England and how Edward had enjoyed robust

good health. Even though he smoked and enjoyed a drink – "a handle I think he calls it."

– he had never seen a doctor since they arrived in Australia. They had been married for

50 years and Edward was an early riser, always cooking his own breakfast and eating

heartily at lunch and supper. For 40 years of their time in Australia they had lived in the

same house at 8 Water Street, Kensington Park., Adelaide.


At the time of the 1927 article the family believed they were the only ones in Australia

with the family name.


When I wrote about the Family Tree to contact addresses around the world in October 2000, there were about 40 Australian entries. Of these over 30 were based in South Australia. Through family contacts over the past four years I have managed to build at least a "bare-bones" tree of the Australian branches, whilst details for some remain sketchy. If any of the South Australian Kearvells reading this can supply missing details I will be very grateful. If you don’t happen to know another Kearvell, look one up in the local telephone directory and give them a call – they are certain to be a close relative!!

The First Kearvells

to emigrate to Australia

1927 Newspaper Report

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1927 Newspaper Report

19th Century Bricklaying

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