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Family Tree

"clicking" on the Tree picture to the right will take you to the following reports:-


+ Descendants of Francis Kervil Tree


+ Surname List


+ Index of names


In each of these three reports, "clicking" on a name will reveal all the information I have been able to gather about that family member. If the family member is still living, no details will be shown other than their name.

Prior to Civil Registration in 1837, records are mainly taken from Parish registers and therefore

birth dates will mostly be christening dates and dates of death, the date of burial.


In compiling the Family Tree, for the first 5 years, I have followed the genealogical convention of recording the male Kearvell line wherever possible or the Kearvell surname when that is not possible. I did not have the time or resources to record/investigate all connected surnames (over 300) but, where possible (e.g. Victorian Census Records), I have recorded as much information about pre-20th Century married female Kearvells and their children as possible and this can be viewed in the 'notes section' of the three reports mentioned above. This meant that the children of 20th and 21st Century married/partnered female Kearvells were not shown anywhere on the Tree, as was the case with three of my own grandchildren. I know some of you have felt this was unfair.


The Tree is now  fairly comprehensive and, since March 2006, I have begun to add the children of 20th and 21st Century married/partnered female Kearvells. Some of this information has been given to me in the past but I would ask if all family members can kindly re-advise me of such names and their birthdates/birthplaces.