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The 1891 Census

The 1891 Census was taken on the night of 5th April and Heads of household were responsible for completing the forms with details of all persons in their abode on that night. The forms were collected next day by enumerators who helped complete the forms when people were illiterate.


As I have found with other 19th century records - these census records have been transcribed in 1891, by the original enumerators, into Census Books from the individual household census forms and more recently by Genealogical Companies into online data for searching via the Internet - the spelling of our surname appears to suffer greatly.

A first search of the census data for KEARVELL reveals ony 33 family members. After

much careful cross-searching using christian names with places and dates of birth

many other family members are found with the following transcribed surnames:





By looking at micofilmed copies of the original Census Books it is possible to see why the spelling of some of the surnames might arise but, sadly, the modern transcription work leaves much to be desired. I have found some 99 family members to date plus 22 married female Kearvells. This leaves a handful of other family members, known to be alive in 1891, but not yet tracked down. The census information given about each family member can be read via an individual's entry on the 'Family Tree' section of this website.

Looking at some of the information we can see that our 22 female married Kearvells have mostly remained in West Sussex (1 in London, 1 in Surrey, 1 in Kent) and have married mariners (3), agricultural labourers (3), gardeners (2), a blacksmith, a ship owner, a general labourer, a farmer's son, a coachman, a farm carter, an ex-army officer, a woodcutter, a flour mill foreman, a tanners labourer, a machinist, a cab driver, a corn merchant's manager and a traveller in fancy goods.


Our adult male working family members are more widespread with 17 in West Sussex, 1 in Middlesex, 7 in Surrey, 1 in Isle of Wight, 3 in London, 2 in Berkshire and are employed as wheelwright/carpenters (6), bricklayers (6), agricultural labourers (4), grocers boys (2), a florist, a clerk, a builder, a labourer, a shipwright, a baker, a groom, a railway clerk, a head gardener, a garden labourer, a fish hawker, a miller and a soldier.

Female employed occupations are few amongst family members. There are four in domestic service, one an apprentice dressmaker, three in laundry work and one an assistant schoolmistress.

Music Hall's Marie Lloyd appears in London Panto for the first time in 1891

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