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particularly around Downton. There are known connections between Downton and the Sussex Ports in connection with the timber industry. However a search of the parish records has not revealed a Francis.



isolated entries. There is research into Ancient Surnames that indicates "Kervil" as a Norman surname established in the County from the time of the Norman Conquest. Duke William of Normandy, their liege

lord, had granted them lands for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The

research indicates that the family originally came from Carvile or Charville in Normandy.


Other theories:-


Arundel Castle Sussex

was taken over by the Howard Family (from Wiggenhall area in Norfolk) in 16th century and thus gives a

possible connection between the two counties as staff would have transferred. However a search through

the estate records by the Arundel Castle Archivist has shown no evidence of the surname.



Kervil surname is known in Brittany and Francis "appears" on South Coast of England only two years after

the largest exodus of Huguenots from France in 1685. However a commissioned search of Huguenot

Society records by Michael Gandy, an historical researcher with the Society, has shown no evidence that

the surname was Huguenot. The only similair name was Louise Renee de Keroualle (Madam Carwell),

one of Charles II's mistresses and granted naturalisation in 1673. She was later Duchess of Portsmouth.


The discovery that Francis Kervil also used the alias of GRILL has also been researched by Michael Gandy for Huguenot links. There are GRILLs from the Dieppe area that came to England but, to

date, no link with a Francis has been found.


isolated entries. The KERVILE family were well known at Wiggenhall, near Kings Lynn from the time of the Norman Conquest until the family name died out in 1624 with the death of Henry KERVILE, Knight. The family had originally come over with William the Conqueror and been given lands for their part in the Conquest

Arundel Castle

Madam Carwell